Posbus 1148, OUDTSHOORN 6620
Jubileestraat 69, OUDTSHOORN 6625
Tel: 044 272 8884
Fax: 044 272 8382


About Us

The school is a healthcare institution for the future where aspiring learners are offered A FAIR/EQUAL chance to advance in this age-old career of caring for the sick with their feet in the present and their eyes on the future.

Education and training is based on innovative and creative thinking which includes an open policy for adaption, to accommodate the changes.

The school has its origin in the 1990's thanks to the Matron of Helen Bellinganhof Home for the elderly, which was also the original name of the school. The matron had a far-reaching vision and trained aspiring learners - the school started with 6 students per year - for use in the old aged home. The number increased to 16 students per year by 2002.

The school became a private school in September 2006, and the name changed to Emmanuel Nursing School Oudtshoorn. New premises are now in use with student numbers increasing from 16 - 80 per year. Temporary accommodation is available for students that need it until they can get their own accommodation.

Many milestones have been reached in the 3 years which include our mission, vision and values of the school. New clinical facilities have been added and a partnership was formed with each practical facility.

Our school has a very impressive academic record.

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